The master of the keep. So long as he still lives, there will never be peace in Wallachia.


The demon prince known today as Dracula was once a human called Mathias Cronqvist. Cronqvist betrayed his best friend, the Wallachian crusader Leon Belmont, in a successful bid to make himself into a vampire king. With his clout, he commands waves of undead, demons, and other supernatural and mythological creatures.

Dracula’s war with God began with the death of his first wife Elisabetha. His war against mankind began with the death of his second wife, Lisa Fahrenheights. At the front of each of these wars is the clan borne of Dracula’s scorned friend, Leon Belmont. The Belmont Clan, armed with the holy artifact known as the Vampire Killer, is bound by blood to fight Dracula and other supernatural creatures of the night.

Dracula is known to have a strong friendship with Death. His other notable allies include Count Orlox and Countess Carmilla Karnstein.

His notable enemies include the Belmont Family, the Church, and Adrian “Alucard” Fahrenheights-Tepes.


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