Castlevania: Chorale of Anguish

Darkness lies in the heart of Wallachia.

Every hundred years, the avatar of darkness returns to make his presence known in the world of man. He has gone by many names. Cronqvist. The Impaler. Dracula. Every hundred years, this master of darkness arrives, his resurrection heralded by the appearance of his infernal abode, the demonic keep of Castlevania.

His enemies are many. The Church seeks to destroy the dark one and his armies, and employs powerful witches to fend off his advances. Mortals touched and scorned by the dark lord seek retribution against him. Dracula’s own son seeks his father’s destruction, an oath sworn on the memory of his late mother.

Perhaps greatest of all these enemies is the bloodline of a Wallachian crusader, betrayed by a young Dracula before he had truly become Evil’s champion. Armed with a whip infused with the spirit of his fallen fiancee, Leon Belmont swore an oath to God, that as long as his blood flowed, his family would hunt Dracula and all the other creatures of the night.

1641 A.D.: It has been more than 500 years since the Belmonts began their vigil against the dark one. Fifty years ago, Christopher Belmont banished Dracula from the world of man. But evil cannot remain so defeated forever. Awoken by unknown means, Dracula and his demonic castle rise once more, set upon spreading fear and hate; first across Europe, then the world. William Belmont, the son of Soleilyu Belmont and the heir to the Vampire Killer Whip, sets out, joined by various agents of the Church. The group meets in the growing Wallachian trade center of Bucharest. There, they learn that there are in fact two dark castles that have suddenly appeared nearby. They are also joined by a pagan druid and a Buddhist monk, both of whom have sought to end the terror of Dracula.

The vampire hunters agree to split into two groups and explore both castles simultaneously. Wherever Dracula is, they resolve to find him and defeat him once more.

Once again, the enemies of darkness set out in their quest to vanquish the horrible night…

Castlevania: Chorale of Anguish